What are the benefits of using TCP as your IT support provider?

TCP Services have worked with educational establishments before, and as a result we have a good understanding of your needs and requirements for IT support.

We’ve worked hard to create a comprehensive set of IT support products that will have all of your needs covered, whether you require remote assistance for a one-off incident, on-site assistance, or a contract with regular and discounted IT support tailored to your specific organization.

And in all cases, we’ve got you covered with the following great features:

  • Remote application and cloud management – including management of user and group access, administration, licensing, network use, and more. This is completely scalable, whether you’re managing 5 users, or 205.
  • Remote network scanning – we can remotely determine, assess, and if needed intervene in the software on your network.
  • Instant alerts and automated monitoring – our remote management software will monitor your systems in real-time and send out notifications by email and SMS to inform us of anything urgently requiring our attention. This allows rapid response to problems as they occur, and in many cases can allow us to pre-empt more serious problems down the line.
  • Automated maintenance and updates – TCP’s industry-leading software allows us to help you keep on top of updates as and when they become available, all across your systems, ensuring the latest security and bug-fixes are rapidly deployed to both your desktops and any devices your staff use.
  • Managed antivirus – with a remotely managed antivirus, we can deploy, monitor, manage, report, and automatically deal with viral threats, and ensure that your systems’ lines of defence against malware are running smoothly and up to date with the latest virus definitions.
  • Managed online backup – we understand the importance of regular off-site backups to the unimpeded operation of an educational institution in case of hardware failure. You’ve got valuable data, from accounting and financial information to curricula and teaching material. At TCP, we can setup and manage daily backups for you, and ensure quick access to and restoration of data to minimize downtime.
  • Managed mobile devices – through our centralized mobile device management system, we can offer you protection and tracking of your mobile devices in case of loss or theft, and also provide you with the option of remotely locking and wiping a device containing sensitive information if it has been stolen.
  • Remote support without interruptions – many of the issues your staff will run into can be remotely fixed by TCP without requiring any interruption in their work. Rather than taking over their computer, we can run all kinds of solutions in the background and provide minimal disruption and distraction to productivity.
  • Wide range of experience – we’ve seen pretty much every technical problem under the sun, and usually many times over, so we’re far more able to deal with a wide range of concerns than in-house support staff would ever be able to.

So save yourself a lot of headaches, money, and time!